STONE Projectmanagement uses a recognizable and structured project approach. This includes the following five phases, but is always adapted to the specific demands and circumstances.

Project definition








Delivery and aftercare

1. Project definition

This phase in our experience determines the success of the project. Mutual honesty, understanding and respect, and building a trust relation are our priority. In this phase we consider your project expectations, the preconditions, what is to be happen and what is expected from you. We also establish a project plan, initial investment estimation

and project time schedule.

2. Design

In this phase we shape your office, based on your working processes. In the team we translate this into a good layout and a beautiful environment. This contributes to the job satisfaction and the effectiveness of your activities. Budget and sustainability are central to the realisation of the design. Budget, because lots of money can be saved for technics by making the right design decisions. Sustainability, because operation costs can be managed by using the right materials with the appropriate lifetime.

3. Tender

Once the design is completed, the acquisition has to take place. With our substantive expertise we are able to buy what is needed and to manage the suppliers not only process wise, but also technically. All included activities are described in clear and functional requirement programmes. We usually ask two to three parties for a quotation. The offer comparisons

and the budget balance is discussed with you. After final negotiations and a joint decision, a party is contracted.

4. Realisation

A building team is formed with the contracted parties. In this team everyone is responsible for their own work. We ensure adequate coordination between the different parties and creating an environment in which each party can deliver and install its product to the highest possible quality standard. For this purpose, we make a project realisation schedule

. In this phase, we will closely monitor progress, material quality, the quality of the work performed and the adherence to the safety rules for construction sites. This prevents many problems after the hand-over.

5. Delivery and aftercare

At the end of the project we will perform joint hand-over inspections. By compiling snag lists

we ensure that all snags is satisfactory solved. Only then for us the project is finished. The project is ultimately handed over to you including a complete project administration, consisting of all contracts, invoice copies , revision documents and warranty statements.

About one year after completion, STONE Projectmanagement schedules an appointment to evaluate the use of your office.

STONE Projectmanagement leads the process of accommodation-, renovation-, and office furnishing in an orderly manner and gives substantive technical direction.


  • Aalberts Industries

    “ Aalberts engaged STONE Projectmanagement for the relocation of the main office to the WTC in Utrecht.
    STONE actively represented Aalberts during construction meetings to enable proper management of planning and follow up of actions there as well.

    STONE took on and carried out the entire project in a professional, pragmatic, and enjoyable manner.
    Clear communication, quick follow up, easy to get in touch with (even outside office hours).

    We can highly recommend STONE for complicated projects that require structure. ”

    Aalberts Industries
  • Nexton Mega Elektra

    “ Iris and Anne-Lynn at STONE managed the coordination of the renovation
    and relocation to the new building of Nexton on the Paasheuvelweg in Amsterdam very professionally.
    They embraced our project in a very thorough way.

    They were always available to us and very involved in all aspects! ”

    Nexton Mega Elektra
  • Joost Beukers – Director of Verdonck, Klooster & Associates

    STONE Projectmanagement oversaw our office renovation.
    In eight weeks we completely renovated an area of 1,200m2, while staying open for business.
    We really benefited from the fact that Matthieu already exchanged ideas with us and the architect during the design phase.
    His building expertise, knowledge of materials, and pragmatism helped us undo unrealistic or overly expensive choices at an early stage.
    During the execution phase, Matthieu kept all the suppliers in check with a sense of humour and focus,
    allowing us to complete the project on time despite a challenging schedule.

    Joost Beukers – Director of Verdonck, Klooster & Associates
  • Gijs Huisman, G2O

    Matthieu helped us greatly with the project for our new office in Le Mirage Utrecht. A first we believed it was
    something we could easily take care of ourselves, but as the process went on, Matthieu arranged everything to our full satisfaction on a weekly basis.

    I would recommend working with Matthieu to anyone. It saves a lot of time and effort. Matthieu also thinks of things that I would
    never have thought of. During such a project, this all contributes to a good end result and good collaboration with all partners.
    That is what it is all about.

    Thank you Matthieu!

    Gijs Huisman, G2O
  • Bert Rietmeijer

    Matthieu started as project manager at our agency in 2005. Over the years, he has developed into a top professional,
    both when it comes to project details and in terms of managing and motivating many co-workers. Matthieu excels through his professionalism, drive, and positive attitude.

    Even more important, however, is that he is just an honest and pleasant person.

    Wonderful to work with!

    Bert Rietmeijer
    Former director Rietmeijer Huisvestingsadviseur / CBRE
  • Peter Steentjes, Director of Sonion

    During our construction project, we got to know Matthieu as a focused, enthusiastic project manager
    who knows what he is talking about and combines a sense of humour and passion with perseverance and flexibility.

    His transparent and honest attitude gave us the opportunity to recognise risks in the project,
    allowing us to quickly make considered decisions. The end result was a perfect building.

    And that the project was on time and on budget is worth mentioning too.

    Peter Steentjes, Director of Sonion