History STONE Projectmanagement


STONE Projectmanagement was founded on 1 August 2016 by Matthieu Steenbeek. Matthieu has over 20 years of experience in (installation) engineering and the managing and carrying out of relocation, renovation, and office fit-out projects.

Although Matthieu started the business on his own, it was a limited company from the start. An office was also rented at a prime location in Utrecht, and the goal was to turn it into a professional company of considerable size in short amount of time. Finally the necessary investments were made, such as developing a professional looking website and purchasing record-keeping software. It the period that followed, more and more businesses chose to work with STONE Projectmanagement, resulting in a continuous growth of the number of projects. To accommodate this, we grew our staff with around two people every year, and now we have a team of six people.

Why STONE Projectmanagement?

For quite a while, I had the wish to start my own business; to create something based on my own identity and do what I believe in. It was certainly an ambitious goal, but for now it is reality. Enjoying your job and looking forward to going to work every day as a result; that should be the core value around which the company will grow.

I enjoy it when I have a fun team around me with people you can build on. People who want to learn, want to give it their all, and who exude energy. That is something I really value when hiring and training people.

I enjoy it when we have great clients. Clients who trust us and appreciate us. Who let us do great projects. We give it our all because we love doing it. I am proud of the clients we help.

I enjoy it when it is easy to offer my services because I do not have to explain complicated constructions. That is why I choose transparency; no kickback fees, turnkey constructions, hidden agendas, or anything like that.

I enjoy it when we work together well with other advisors, such as architects, stylists, draughtsmen, workplace consultants, installation consultants, and so on. Working together as equals, no hierarchies of client/contractor or other dependencies.

I enjoy it when we can do our work well and professionally. When we know what we are talking about, or when we are working with people we can fall back on.

That is why I am proud of the business as it stands today, who we are, and how we work. This makes every day a joy to go to work and do my best for our clients.