Sjoerd van den Assem joins
STONE Projectmanagement.

Supervising buildingrenovation a.s.r.
23 November 2018

Sjoerd van den Assem
joins STONE Projectmanagement.

Sjoerd van den Assem will join STONE Projectmanagement as a partner on September 1st 2020 to further expand the company.
STONE Projectmanagement
STONE Projectmanagement was founded 4 years ago by Matthieu Steenbeek and has grown into a medium-sized projectmanagement agency that assists both investors and end users in high-quality renovation and housing projects. Expansion with a partner is necessary in order for the company to grow with the same passion and a high level of ambition. Given the shared background and experiences of Sjoerd and Matthieu, this is a logical step.

Sjoerd has worked at CBRE for more than 14 years and recently was a responsible for projectmanagement and design as senior director Advisory & Transactions. The transition to entrepreneurship is a nice continuation of his career. Within STONE Projectmanagement, Sjoerd will mainly focus on the end users within the office market.

Matthieu is happy with the new partnership with Sjoerd. "It is nice to have someone next to you in the company who you have known for a long time and has so much experience. We are complementary to each other, which will certainly benefit our service".

With the coming of Sjoerd, the ambition is to further expand and strengthen the position of STONE Projectmanagement in the higher segment of projectmanagement for end users. Sjoerd will mainly focus on this end-user market. Matthieu will further focus on the (re)development of office buildings for owners. His technical background and experience in end-user projects provides a clear vision on office buildings. A good example of this is the recently redeveloped V&D building in Arnhem which has been converted into a high-end and full service office. STONE Projectmanagement wants to be a leader in the field of advice and projectmanagement, for both end users and owners.